Bronze Iteology Backup ( 50GB Business)

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Business Bronze 50GB Online Backup Solutions


Iteology’s Windows Desktop Backup Client works to backup and protect important business data and files from computers using Windows Operating Systems (including Windows 8 & Windows 10, Exchange, and SQL)

Deployment is quick & simple with our white label backup client after checkout. You will be given a download link to install. Once our engineers (within 2 business days have identified your activation and purchase of the software) your account will be activated and you will be ready to backup your data.

Iteology Windows Client is simple to use and if you need training Iteology will train you free at no extra charge. We focus on using technology to make things easier for you at every turn. We call this feature the “zero-config install” which means that most of the installation and tuning choices are built into the installer and client, so you can simply install, register the new account, and choose additional data to backup.

Some of the features of our software:

  • Lower cost of deployment
  • Self-service end-user installs
  • Pre-configured dynamic selections automatically selects items such as documents, SQL Server, Exchange etc.
  • Dynamic Filtering using Regular Expressions
  • xSelf-configuring schedule, auto-tuning for performance
  • Data backup is encrypted
  • Roll up versions of files are possible (20 Versions / 30 Day period)
  • Backup support (Business hours via email/remote)

This is a monthly agreement that you can terminate at one months notice.

Should you run out of space you can top up. Our backup team can assist you to upgrade your data storage packages.