Online Backups


Companies are generally have limited resources in their IT department. This inhibits the ability to monitor and maintains backups. Iteology is able to create both local and cloud backups.

The services offered are:

  •     Local and cloud backup solutions.
  •     Management of all end-users’ backups and restores.
  •     Remote installation and deployment of backup software.
  •     Updated backup software and cloud-based storage with encryption.
  •     Automated backup with reporting available.
  •     Monitored backup service.
  •     Assistance with your data backup needs.
  •     Entire backup platforms are available.

If required, Iteology will scope backup and recovery requirements, and then outline what will be required to ensure optimal backup performance. A backup will then be tailored to compliment the existing business continuity plan your company needs.

Iteology's onsite backup solution, which pushes to the cloud, is recommended. This is the most effective control of data as it provides local backups. The options are to backup straight to the cloud, or to include onsite backup as well. This option is ideal for most companies where only one point is available to check for failures. Another advantage with our solutions is that where internet connectivity goes down there are local backup solutions available. All is configurable on our backup client.

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